Commissioned Portraits of Your Pet

A commissioned portrait of your pet starts with your clear photos. These should provide a glimpse into your pet's personality and showcase his or her good looks. Portrait prices vary with size and choice of medium: watercolor paintings, drawings, oil paintings or acrylics.

Once the photos are submitted and you've chosen the type of portrait you want, a price and time frame will be agreed upon. A 25% deposit is paid at that time. When the painting is 90% complete, a digital photo of it is presented for your approval. Upon approval, you will receive an invoice for the balance. The finished work is shipped or delivered within 2-3 days of payment in full, with the exception of an oil painting, which may require more time to dry.

Estimated Pricing:

Watercolor painting: 4"x6" or 6" x 6" -$100, 8x10 $175 ***

Oil painting 6" x 6" $200, 12" x 12" $350 ***

Acrylic painting 6" x 6" $150.00 12" x 12" $250

I accept cash and major credit cards and will create an invoice for you through Square or PayPal.

You can contact me at: or 845-642-9671 for a quote.  I look forward to hearing from you! Woof!

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